How to get there

It is perhaps one of the few motarable roads in the Mhadei region which starts from an altitude of about 70 meters above sea level and transcends to an altitude of 800 meters above sea level in a time span of just 70 minutes, offering breathtaking views of the Mahdei Wildlife Sanctuary and the reserved forests of Maharashtra and Bhimgad sanctuary Karnataka and array of life forms include mammals, birds, reptiles and not to forget a varied diversity of flowering plants that seem to bloom all throughout the year. The Chorla Ghats is a fabulous road that is used frequently by bikers, daily commuters to belgaum and by travelers to the state of Goa. We are at Kankumbi, an important village on this junction and road.

The Mhadei river (also spelt as Mahadayi = great mother), originates in the lush green forested hills at Degao in Khanapur taluka at an altitude of 940 m above sea level. This is close to where we are located, and hence an important tributary, the Kalsa flows from almost hearing distance from where we stand.